Prosecuting the Pimps (Justice File #1)’s critical to note that anyone who makes money off the commercial sexual exploitation of someone else is pimping them” – Rachel Lloyd Girls Like Us

The monster of sex trafficking needs to be destroyed through various means. There is the prevention, the intervention, the restoration, and the prosecution.

There are more and more organizations being formed to meet the first three battles, but the prosecution battle has had a slower start.

There is a need for lawyers who deal with this issue. For governments to create and pass legislation against trafficking, with appropriate conviction sentences for the johns and traffickers. For cities, and states, to allot monies so programs can be developed in schools, and police departments, to create awareness, and public vigilance.

Fortunately there has been an increase in the prosecution of the traffickers/pimps. I will makeĀ  an effort to keep you guys updated on the criminals being caught and convicted, government/ city laws being passed against trafficking, and any legal issues dealing with trafficking… through the Justice File blogs.

To start off.. I would like to introduce you to Stephen Craig, 34, and Sarah Beukan, 22. They are from Scotland, and have recently been busted for trafficking 14 men and women across the UK border.

I recently wrote a blog, where I was falsely thought to be a traffcker. Well, that’s because more and more are starting to look like Sarah Beukan.

The article statesA support group that worked with some of the victims in the case said they had been through an “unimaginable ordeal”.

Well now Sarah and Craig will be spending years in jail due to Scotlands new legislation against traffickers called the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003. They are the FIRST to be convicted under this act… I guess better late than never.

Authorities and non-profit workers hope this conviction will encourage other victims to come out and share about the misery and abuse, they are enduring, in hopes of finding their first steps of freedom, and vindication.

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I want to say something about the convicted criminals in the Justice Files.

My heart breaks for them too. God is a God of justice, and He has allowed us to have an earthly government with rules, and consequences when those rules are broken….and so these convicted criminals have broken the earthly rules, and now are paying the just penalty. However, I strongly believe that there is hope for these criminals as well, because God loves them too. His heart breaks for those who have chosen to indulge in their sinful ways, instead of the one He freely offers… of mercy, forgiveness, grace, love, and peace with Him, through Jesus Christ.

Busting Down Brothel Doors!

Within the past week, there have been two major news stories about police raids being done to brothels.

Mexico is in an uproar with the druglords ruling Ciudad Juarez. The government is in such dire straits, that they are even considering the idea of making drugs legal in Mexico, to lessen the power that the druglords are holding right now.

Yet within all this chaos, there were two dozen bars that were raided, along with three hotels, and two boarding houses. After all was said and done authorities claim to have arrested about 1,000 suspects accused of human trafficking.

On the other side of the world, in one of the countries famously known for being involved in the sex trade, a brothel was raided in Bangkok, Thailand.

Authorities rescued 70 women and children from a karaoke bar, and a spa that were raided. Apparently the Laotian embassy reported to the Thai government, that there were Laotians who were being forced into prostitution.

There is some skepticism to the validity of these raids. The organizations who fight against the sex trade, have given the inside scoop that governments occasionally raid brothels so that the government looks like they are fighting the issue. But it is all for show.

I wonder if that is the case. It may very well be, because when you step foot into any city in Thailand the girls are all over the place, in every bar and strip club. No one can deny it. In Chiang Mai alone, there are 1500 brothels. Yet still, 70 more women and girls freed.

Kudos to the Laotian government for fighting for their people.

On stateside, a friend of mine introduced me to a hard rock BA man named Ty Ritter. He is a Vietnam Vet. He takes special cases of missing children here in the states. Sadly, the usual fate for those children in the missing child posters, is to be trafficked. I saw a poster only two Sundays ago by the bus stop, and that reality hit me hard.

It hits Ty Ritter and his special ops team hard too. They have a different type of “intervention”. They straight up go into foreign countries and rescue these girls from the grips of traffickers/kidnappers. The discovery channel now has a series that highlights the missions these men go on.

They are like the real life A Team, and it hypes me up knowing that there is an organization that exists like this. Project Child Save.

Keep Ty Ritter and his team in your prayers.

I love how he is gifted in bodyguarding and protecting, and is now using that knowledge and expertise to fight for a greater cause!

Here’s a clip.:

Here is the link for the show on the Discovery channel. Kidnap + Rescue. The next show airs August 14th, 2011. Check your local listings.

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Sex Slaves in Queens, NY? Check It Out (Resource)

Taxi Bill Would Help Fight Sex Trafficking


The scene plays out the same way night after night. Taxi drivers – both of yellow and livery cabs – pick up women engaged in illegal sex trade and bring them to brothels in Queens where waiting customers expect more than a gracious hello from their “escorts.”

The taxis, according to one Queens State Senator, are just as much of the problem as the nefarious pimps who force undocumented women into having sex upon threat of violence or deportation.

Stepping up his offensive to tackle the sex trade on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona and Jackson Heights, State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) announced the introduction of a bill which would educate cab drivers about human trafficking.

“We have to dispel the dangerous notion that prostitution is a victimless crime,” Peralta said. “Someone aware of this brutal reality is less likely to participate in the continued exploitation of these women.”

The bill would require taxi and livery cab drivers to be educated on how to identify a situation of human trafficking while they are on duty and would be incorporated in the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s training program.

Joining the effort to curb both human trafficking and prostitution, Restore NYC, a nonprofit organization which helps sex-trafficking victims, welcomed the first-time collaboration between the Senator and the TLC.

According to Faith Huckel, executive director and co-founder of the nonprofit, there are approximately 27 million people currently enslaved throughout the world.

“Most are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation,” Huckel said. “Eighty percent are female.”

Sold the “American Dream,” women are lured with the promise of a good job or false marriage then kidnapped or sold into the sex trade where they have ended up in brothels within the borough, Huckel said.

“By raising public awareness about what is really going on, there will be a greater flow of information to law enforcement,” she said.

This is the second bill Peralta has introduced this year into the Senate in an attempt to curtail prostitution along Roosevelt Avenue. In March, along with Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Jackson Heights), Peralta introduced a bill prohibiting the distribution of “Chica Chica” cards, depicting naked and scantily clad women on business cards, advertising “free delivery” of prostitutes.

Felix Suero, president of Dominicana Radio Dispatch, a livery cab service in Corona, said incidents of human trafficking have been noticed in the past.

Although New York City taxi and livery cab drivers already undergo a training program for initial licensure and renewal, Suero said the additional educational program will teach drivers “to say something if they see something.”

“If we help one person that would be great,” Suero said. “Unfortunately that’s the only way we can measure success right now.”

Peralta will also co-sponsor a bill to increase fines and lengthen jail sentences for soliciting a prostitute.

Peralta believes the three-pronged approach will have a tremendous impact on diminishing prostitution and human trafficking. He said the bills will hit the Senate floor for a vote before the end of session in June and is optimistic they will pass.