MySpace Blast From The Past


If I’m not mistaken, this may be the only selfie I have ever posted of myself…in my life…and what’s with the filter?.. and where did I find this picture? In the archives of my MySpace photos…I recently found a lot of interesting things in that alternate world…smh.

But before I introduce you to that former world…..My, almost 16 year old, niece showed me this video a long time ago, and I thought it was hilarious. I wanted to do exactly what Rhett and Link did, but was never really disciplined enough to sit down and write a song food order. I forgot about those guys until about a month ago, and I have been watching their daily morning show since then. They are hilarious, and they rekindle the desire in me to do more video blogs. They have recently been going back to their video vault, and releasing videos they did several years back…this reminded me of something.

Truth is, I used to do video blogs all the time… on MySpace.. remember that world? I decided to revisit my old page this morning, and what I found was pretty embarrassing, and hilarious…The songs on there, are mostly done on my Garage Band, pretty pitchy, and juvenile. And the videos…I don’t even remember half the stuff I talked about on my video blogs.

Bethsaida’s Blog Blitz are probably the cheesiest, and most ridiculous videos ever.. so how can I NOT share them with you all. I promise you, while I was watching this I was thinking “Who is this person??” how time changes things, and people…but secretly, I think she’s still inside, just with a very different world view now.

Here’s one for all you lazy folk who won’t click the link above….My Brooklyn accent was so thick then… is it still like that?

Also, I want these archaic videos to be the kick start to a new format I want to introduce on this blog. Over the next few months, I will be traveling quite a bit, and I want you all to be a part of that.

Some of the trips will be for leisure, some will be for answers to questions, some will be humorous, and others will be sobering…but I hope I can share these moments with you in a way that will either encourage you, challenge you, make you laugh, or spark a passion in you.

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this, and for reading/watching my cheesiness.

I hope to update my blogsite much more often, and share the stories, funny ,encouraging, and challenging, of what God is doing. So check back often…and I really love hearing your comments….so please do leave one =)

Agenda: Love,


Clueless in the City

Written 10/6/11

I finally arrived in the Chiang Mai airport at 12:30 this morning (around 2pm NYC time on the 5th). There was a songtaew driver waiting for me, for about 3 hours. My flight had been delayed.

I literally breezed through customs, I could have been carrying a bomb in my guitar case, and they would have never known, because they didn’t even look twice at it. Though that’s probably not the safest way to run customs, I didn’t mind so much at 12:30 a.m., and after a 26 hour travel day.

I arrived at the Lighthouse guesthouse, and met two members of the one of the YWAM teams here. The guy, and some of the other guys helped carry up my 5 pieces of luggage.

I walked into my little room, and fell in love. I couldn’t wait to decorate, and make it my own.

I started to unpack, and all the stuff I brought fit perfectly into the furniture, and set up here. More God favor.

I started to realize I actually needed MORE things, and decided I would venture to the mall the next day…and by venture.. . I really mean venture.

I slept really well, and woke up pepped up and excited to revisit my new home country.

I remember when I was here in April of 2011, we went to a mall a couple of times, but I had NO idea what the name of the mall was… neither did four of the girls staying here…

So I left the confines of the guesthouse, determined to find that mall.

The first songtaew I waved down, actually gave me the information I needed.

 Me: “ Mall? Cinema ? Stores?

 Songtaew driver:  confused look

 Me: “lot of stores? Shopping?”

 Songtaew driver: “ooooh” then said a name that I could hardly understand.

 Me: I took a chance and said “Yea” “ Can you take me?”

 Songtaew driver: “1 pehsun?” “40 baht”

I was reminded that I was a tourist to them, and a drivers dream in earning more than what the ride’s worth. I, even, forgot that I wasn’t… that now Thailand was my home. So the bargaining system in me kicked in tourist style.

 Me: “No.. 20 baht.”

 Songtaew driver: smiles, then shakes his head and drives away.

 So I continued to walk towards the direction that seemed to have the most vehicle traffic. I must have waved down about 10 taxis and songtaews, only to have to reject them because I was waiting for my 20 baht fair ride.

Well, one taxi pulled over, and showed me a map of where the two malls were, and where we were.. The one, I thought, I needed to go to looked SO far, and I reasoned.. ok.. maybe it’s more like a 40 baht ride… but the taxi driver didn’t take me because he wanted 80 baht.. (I learned that things in here in the city are NOT as far as they seem). So he pulled away.

(I just wanna say, for the record, bargaining to me is not about cheating someone and giving them less than what it is. I just want to pay a fair price. I don’t want to “get over” on someone, and give them less than they deserve. That’s not right, and as a believer the Bible talks about not doing that…not sure where the scripture is at the moment…but it’s in there.)

I finally found a songtaew that took me for 60.. better than 80.. but when I got to the mall it was closed…and the wrong one! So I had to take another taxi to the second mall.. that cost me 100 baht ( I was too tired to bargain, and the driver insisted that it was the “same same” for Thai and tourists)

I got to the mall and bought some of the things I needed. That left me carrying two huge bags on one arm, and three grocery bags on the other. I was really hoping to find a taxi asap.

There were some waiting outside, and the whole 80 baht spiel was said again.. one taxi “bargained” down to 70 baht… but while I was in there I gave him the address to the café, and attempted to let him know I wanted to go there after I dropped off the bags… for 100 baht.. He smiled and agreed.

Well, when I finally arrived at the café, I was thinking to myself “ He’s a nice driver.. I’ll bless him with 150 baht.” I handed it to him and walked towards the café…

He called out to me, and said “200 baht”.

Ughh… he thought I meant 100 baht each location…

Only I can bargain myself up from paying 70 baht to 200 baht!

 Instead of arguing, I just gave him the money. When it comes to people ripping me off, I have learned to let God do my bidding. He will take care of it.

I walked into the café.. finally.. and hugged Emmi, then we sat down and talked. It was surreal being back there… When only 6 months ago, I first felt the calling. There’s a lot of work to be done…and I can’t wait to share the God-awesome stories with you.

It felt so natural being in the café…and here in Thailand. SO great being home away from home.

At the end, I asked Emmi if I paid more than I should for my rides… she laughed and said

“You should never pay more than 50 baht…the most..ever. But it’s your first day, you won’t do that again.”

 Well, now I know…and I can’t wait to tell the drivers in Thai… “I’m not a tourist.. I LIVE here.”

But that won’t be for too long anyways, because I go scooter shopping next week!

Then THEY have to watch out for me =)

Agenda: Love,


How Giving Up Luggage Enlightened Me. (Travel Blog #1)

written 10/4/11 on the airplane…probably over some country in the midwest.


Every carry-on luggage that I see a passenger pull down from the stowage, and then put back in, adds one more ache to my heart. Boils my blood that milliliter more. Makes me want to punch someone that much more!

Here’s why…

When I walked to the check in line this morning, I saw a familiar face.  I used to go to church with her. She was kind enough to send me to a check-in person that she was friends with… and I got the hook up! I was thanking God SO much for looking out for me, even in the littlest things… like checking in.

So I was feeling great, blessed, money saved that I will be able to use towards a better cause than checking in an extra luggage, and then… it was boarding time.

As I handed the Cathay Pacific worker my ticket, some guy in a grey rain jacket, and walkie talkie, says “You’re going to have to check that in.

At first, I thought he was talking about my guitar, and I was prepared to have the faith to let it go into the wild abyss of checked luggage… I was expecting to hand it in.

But not only was he referring to my guitar, he was referring to my carry on luggage!

I was like “WHAT?” “WHY?” “I carry this thing on with me all the time! “No, I have valuable things in here!”

“Well take your laptop out, and now you’re really NOT checking it in.”

UGHHH… even typing the scenario gets me heated. Bethsaida from Brooklyn, was trying to think of every possible way to DEFY this rain jacket wearing ogre… maybe just make a run for it, down the boarding gate, but someone would be sure to catch me! So I just  conceded.

I had to pull off to the side, and rummage through my precious carry-on bag, and take out as much as I could carry. Because I needed it ALL. I have two layovers, I have tons of time to read, and work on stuff. UGHHH…

Dejectedly, I walked down the boarding gate, just horrified at the thought that my carry-on could potentially be floating in the eternal sea of  lost luggage.

I was really FURIOUS at that guy. I wanted to start praying those King David enemy prayers against that man (o.k.maybe I did a lil… don’t judge). I even started tearing up! (o.k. maybe I’m just overall emotional today, and sometimes my emotions come out at the weirdest times).

But I started thinking.

Lord, that man wasn’t fair, there were so many other carry-on’s my size, and he was picking on me!” “If I lose all my stuff, because of him, I’m going to find a way to get his name and get him fired!

In the midst of my pity partying towards God, the Holy Spirit reminded me that nothing happens in my life, unless God approves of it.

That rain-jacket, joy stealer, man, wasn’t greater than God. God knew that this would be happening to me, and if my carry-on gets lost, God will sustain me, and provide what I need.

Such a peace came over me, and I was able to sleep again in my awkward, comfortable position, for at least two hours.

While eating our lunch, of BBQ chicken and veggies, I started thinking (not that God’s character is anything like that man’s but) in our lives we have things that we KNOW we have to give up to God… like lying, pride, stealing, fornication, etc… you know, all the obvious things, like my guitar.

 But what is our reaction when God asks us for something we’re not expecting to give up? Something we’re used to carrying for so long? Or something that we don’t see any obvious harm in?

 How do we react? Do we defy his request, and dash down the boarding gate? Or do we, often times crying and with mustard seed faith, trust Him, and give Him what He is asking?

Even in the “little” things, like luggage getting taken away from me… I have to trust that God is in control.

He will NEVER take something away from us to hurt us… Nope… not ever.

He is good, and all that He does is good.

 He gives and takes away.

“I came naked from my mother’s womb,
      and I will be naked when I leave.
   The Lord gave me what I had,
      and the Lord has taken it away.
   Praise the name of the Lord!” Job 1:21

So in about 12 hours, I will see if I get my “valuables” back… and either way… blessed be His name.

Agenda: Love,


p.s. I got ALL my luggage.. all in mint condition.. all He does is good.